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The EDT Offshore story began over thirty-five years ago in 1980 in Limassol, Cyprus. The family-run cargo ship owning company soon became a specialist in the management and operation of towage and salvage vessels.

With growing expertise, EDT then entered the nascent Eastern Mediterranean’s offshore Oil & Gas sector, developing strong working relationships with oil majors around the world, providing well equipped vessels and skilled crew for effective oil rig support, survey, dive and ROV operations.

Along the way, EDT has developed its own network of dedicated ancillary offshore and onshore services, which makes it one of the sector’s only horizontally-integrated operators.
This time-served combination of skills, knowledge, equipment and infrastructure means that the EDT Offshore Group is uniquely placed to deliver the right solution for your offshore project.

Ship Management
& Operations
Ship Repair
& Dry Dock
Offshore Bunkering
& Trading


Our Mission


To deliver the best result for our Clients and to support our employees both onshore and at sea.

Our Vision

  • To build on experiences of the past.

  • To be responsible in the present.

  • To be mindful of the future.

  • We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • We encourage teamwork and deliver to the best of our ability.
  • We work hard for professional and commercial success.
  • We embrace change and continuous improvement.
  • We actively support the development of our employees.
  • We respect the environment and the communities in which we work.
  • We value all people and cultures equally.
  • We treat everyone with respect.


  • We deliver on our promises.
  • We behave ethically and do not tolerate bribery or corruption.
  • We promote a safety culture targeting zero harm to all.
  • We uphold leading edge technical, professional and safety standards.
  • We develop innovative, efficient solutions that create value for our customers.
  • We are proud of our heritage and our achievements.