EDT Offshore began operations in Limassol, Cyprus in 1980 as ship managers and operators. After more than thirty years of work dedicated to achieving world-class standards, EDT has become a highly successful and well respected organisation.

EDT is a supplier of high specification offshore support vessels to the Oil and Gas industry worldwide. Additionally our vessels support survey, diving and ROV operations and have assisted in military and civilian aircraft wreckage recoveries. From its home port of Limassol EDT also provides services to the local Oil and Gas industry such as Shorebase facilities, a dedicated quay, a heliport and ships agency services.

Our commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in our ongoing investment in new buildings, the upgrade of our existing vessels, staff training and implementation of the latest technology.


EDT is committed to providing quality Ship Management and Commercial services in support of our mission and to be responsive to the individual needs of our customers. We will continuously strive to ensure fulfilling careers for our employees and create long term value for our customers and stakeholders. To this end, we will regularly review the impact our goals and objectives have on our performance compared to customer expectations and take actions toward continuous improvement. 

All the vessels under our management will be operated in accordance with class, flag, IMO and recognised applicable industry standards. 

Our safety culture is a priority emanating from top management and we will ensure we are ready at all times for any emergency and will establish safeguards against all identified risks. Our operations will be conducted with respect  and due care for the protection of the environment, and the health and safety of personnel on board, by instilling a safety conscious culture and ensuring preventative measures are in place to eliminate injuries, occupational illnesses and unsafe practices. 


To continue to be recognised as a respectable and responsible Ship Management company with an aim to remain at the forefront of technology and further develop our expertise within the industry. The development of our internal systems is an integral component of our business plan and these will be continuously monitored in order to adapt and further improve efficiency. 

With the full support of management and employees, through investment in training and the promotion of a safety culture, we believe our goal of reaching ‘zero incidents’ can become a reality. 

We will maintain open and honest communication with our clients and stakeholders taking into consideration their suggestions with the aim of growing as a Company to our mutual benefit. 



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