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Our Commitment


Providing naval and air units for Search-and-Rescue Operations

EDT Offshore and the Ministry of Transport, Communications & Works of the Republic of Cyprus signed an agreement in 2014 for the provision of naval and air units during Search And Rescue (SAR) operations.

Under the SAR National Plan Nearchos umbrella for major aeronautical incidents taking place within the Search & Rescue Region of Cyprus, EDT Offshore is committed to provide its naval and air units on a 24/7–365 basis, under the overall co-ordination of the Cyprus Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC Larnaca).

To this effect EDT has provided units since the establishment of this agreement for the following major SAR exercises:

  • NEMESIS - 2014
  • NEMESIS - 2015
  • NEMESIS - 2017
  • NEMESIS - 2018
  • NEMESIS - 2019
  • ARGONAUT - 2016
  • ARGONAUT - 2017
  • ARGONAUT - 2018
  • ARGONAUT - 2019

> The Cyprus SRR (Search and Rescue Region) and the neighbouring SRRs.

JRCC Larnaca (Greek: Κέντρο Συντονισμού Έρευνας και Διάσωσης) is an independent agency of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Cyprus and its primary mission is to organize the Cyprus Republic Search and Rescue (SAR) system, to co-ordinate, to control and direct SAR operations in the region that the Cyprus JRCC is responsible for (which coincides with the Nicosia FIR), so that people, whose lives are at risk as a result of aviation or maritime accidents, can be located and rescued in the least amount of time.

Nemesis 2015 - Multinational Exercise
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