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EDT Hangar Services

EDT Hangar Services operates 24/7 out of Paphos International Airport where we offer First-Class hangarage and handling services for executive aircraft, including business and leisure travel as well as technical and refuelling stops.

Our VIP Lounge is staffed by an experienced concierge team who are always prepared to greet you and assist with any special requirements, from onward bookings to hotel reservations. With direct-to-aircraft access and a selective Arrival & Departure schedule, we can also help you pass effortlessly through security checks, Immigration & Customs.

Other on-site facilities include, a crew room, a crew-briefing room, wireless internet, shower and kitchen facilities.

  • Aircraft Handling Services

  • Ground Handling Services

  • Landing Permit / Slot Assistance

  • Executive Ramp Transport

  • Customs & Immigration Assistance

  • Aircraft Refuelling

  • Executive Hangar

  • VIP Lounge

  • Office Space:
    >  Pilots' Briefing Room
    >  Pilots' Rest Room

  • Aircraft Valeting Services

  • Hotel Accommodation

  • Transportation

  • Catering

  • Cargo Handling & Logistics

Long Term Contract Available

EDT Hangar Services
At Paphos International Airport, Cyprus